some background

I’m married to Allison, who rocks my world. I first met her 12+ years ago in a college cafeteria when she saved me from a lonely date with a peanut butter sandwich. She’s cool, I’m a dork. She’s calm, I’m awkward. She dances, I snap. It was a perfect match. So we got married and moved to Arkansas.

We live with Willie Mcgee (our beagle) who is suffering the misfortune of being a part of a growing family. His spot in the center of the family christmas card was replaced by our daughter Lucy, who now dresses Willie in pink blankets while assuring him that he’s her best friend. And then there’s our son Gus, who already has a spot reserved as a future St. Louis Cardinal shortstop.

I am a campus pastor for Fellowship Bible Church, an outward-focused multi-site church in Central Arkansas. I believe the Church is here to bring hope to the world and love seeing it become a part of people’s lives. I’m also in the midst of a Master of Divinity from Bethel Seminary. This blog is an outlet for the insane-yet-sometimes-meaningful stories that result from being a father, husband and pastor.




One Response to “some background”

  1. Okay I just found your blog. I’m a fan now. I’ll add you to my list! Just want you guys to know that even though Aaron and I don’t get to see you much, we love you guys!

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