coming up to breathe

no, the blog isn’t dead. it’s just been taking a nap. so here’s another round of updates:

-i finally wore down and gave bon iver a chance. not regretting it. after a few tweaks here and there, he gave me a great pandora station to have on while studying. right up until panera‘s internet time limit kicked in. not cool, panera. very not cool.

-speaking of studying…i am no historian, but i think every christian should take a cursory swim through the history of christianity (or a slow wade for that matter, just get in the water at least). it’s a fabulous mess of people and movements—sometimes awesome, sometimes awful—but always revealing the undeniable grace of God. it did me well to realize i live on one small branch on the big tree of christianity.

-perhaps my favorite blog post ever by my wife.

-i love me those big fatty straws that panera puts in their frozen coffees, except when you get to the bottom of the cup and can’t slurp anymore. what’s a guy to do?

-year one at bethel seminary is complete. the school celebrated by launching a new website apparently.

-have you ever read through a used/borrowed book that has comments written throughout the pages? it always makes me wish i was as smart as those people that wrote those comments. it also makes me wish i had cooler handwriting.

-i’m moving to texas where i can be an east dillon lion with coach eric taylor. i’m gonna work with riggins rigs, deliver pizzas with matt, and hang out with buddy garrity. but mostly i’m just gonna follow coach taylor everywhere. clear eyes, full hearts…

-lastly, here is some dude with a justin bieber haircut hanging out with my kids.


~ by bradherndon on June 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “coming up to breathe”

  1. Gus looks really happy to be held by Justin Bieber.

    Welcome back, Kotter.

  2. Bieber copied off of you. Not that I know that to be true, but you are way cooler. :) Oh, and congrats on one year down at seminary.

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