a round of updates

What does this site and the Edge stage have in common? They were both in need of some serious facelifts. Well, last week it was time to change things up in the Warehouse (the beloved home of the Edge every Sunday morning). So here’s a peek at some of the preliminary work we did, and when I say “we,” I really mean the team of Rik, Dallas, Cicco, and Todd (b/c of the number of Todds around, this Todd goes by “Ol’ half-a-day-Davis”). After some brilliant thinking by a bunch of beloved volunteers, we came up with a few goals:

  • Simplify the stage. Less clutter from our previous set-up, which involved lots of risers for levels. (The bass player was basically standing on the shoulders of the drummer). Less levels. No rugs. If we could cut the drum kit in half I would’ve. Clean and simple.
  • Pull the band closer together. Because of the giant screen which comes down for the sermon, the worship leaders were separated from the band by a big chasm of space in the middle of the stage. No-space-no-more.
  • Less light on stage. Rather than large amounts of white light washing the stage, we wanted tighter, focused light on people. Also, we had been using LED panels from above for color washes, but never really liked them for that. We decided to mount those on the floor for architectural lighting, including the drum set and Todd-the-bass-player’s rear end…(see below)
  • Move most of the moving lights to above the stage instead of above the house for a change. This way you get to see the actual fixture moving, which is fun. It’d be even more fun if we could get haze to work in this room, but alas…
  • Break up the brick wall at the back of the stage. The brick fits with the warehouse-feel of the room but it also reeks of a comedy club. So we wanted a stage backdrop to help us overcome that. Cheap, yet cool and colorful. When cheap is needed, we go to Home Depot.
  • Design a focal point right as people walk into the Warehouse. There’s a half-wall at the entrance that is a great spot for some artistic displays to set the feel of the room and that day’s service.

We’re not done, but here’s some phone-camera pics from this morning.

These next two show the design pieces. Ol’ Ricardo had the idea of taking some plastic diffusers commonly used for for flourescent lighting, put one above the other, and build a frame out of 1×2 plywood. Hang it from above and shoot the LED panels up from the floor. These panels put off a lot of color and break up the comedy-club-brick-wall back there. It almost seems like on big big canvas to throw color on (or 6 small ones), which our lighting volunteers can have a lot of fun with.

There’s something about candles and wrought-iron that signals communion, so we went with it. Simple worked there today, but we’re going to switch it out for some artistic variety here and there. Paintings, old instruments, a jazz flutist, more candles…looking for ideas…since we’re in a series about Nehemiah restoring the wall around Jerusalem, maybe we’ll drop a pile of rubble on the pew. Btw, if it weren’t for the flintstones, I wouldn’t know what rubble was.

And just for grins, this is from our pre-service run-through. JJ (“the doctor”, far left) is enjoying some momentary power which he is using to threaten me if I talk too long during the service….like that has ever happened before…whatev.


~ by bradherndon on May 19, 2010.

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