thoughts I’ve had while not posting:

Gold-star charts have officially begun in our house. If you’re 2 years old, you get a star for using nice words, not hitting your brother, and going pee-pee before your rest. I’m petitioning Allison for my own gold-star chart b/c it looks like fun.

John 3:17 is crucial to understanding John 3:16. I think I’ll start making posters of John 3:17 to wave at football games.

What makes an idea good is as much the timing of the idea as the idea itself. One of the hardest things for me to do in planning worship services is to say, “let’s wait on that.”

Lucy got a new book about Easter. Her favorite part is “daddy on the horse.” I don’t have the nerve to tell her it’s Jesus on a donkey. Is that wrong?

As I finish up a class on church history, I can’t help but be completely discouraged with how quickly and frequently things got messed up once Jesus left. Division, heresy, crusades…the list goes on. And yet, God has continued to use the Church as his voice and vehicle in the world, just like the Isaelites in the Old Testament. So hope reigns.

My fellow worship pastor, who we’ll call “Bruce” said that people who write and read blogs are “kinda weird.” So that’s you and me. To Bruce I say, “People who wear pearl-snaps are weird.” Oh wait, that’s me too. Dang.

On what day was it that God created allergies? I wonder if he ever regretted that.

Lastly, is Facebook losing its luster?  You tell me, because I’m on the fence.


~ by bradherndon on March 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “thoughts I’ve had while not posting:”

  1. Come to the dark side Brad. I never got a Facebook account and I have never regretted it. I hear many people complain about how often the wrong people see things you wrote, and when I asked if you can leave a private comment they said you can leave them a message. I thought, “I leave people private messages everyday through gmail, I don’t need another email account.”

  2. no!!! i love facebook, but i totally dislike twitter. it never had luster for me.

    don’t you love how you can connect with people who are so far away, or even people in LR who you never talk with? oh, i do. and i’m not a phone talker, so i just love getting on facebook, seeing the photos, getting the updates. don’t you dare delete your account.

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