the stories that make the Man

Luke 5:1-6:16

I love how with each little story Luke unfolds more of who Jesus is. Sometimes it’s hard to read these stories that I’ve heard many times without thinking, “Oh yeah, I’ve heard this one. He’s gonna heal the guy. Pretty cool. Next.” But how often do I read each of these stories and then put all them all together? When I do that, I come to a fuller understanding of who Jesus really is and why he lived. He healed the sick, he forgave sinners, he overcame Satan, he spoke with authority, he was concerned for the outcast, he was angry with the self-righteous—he was no ordinary man. The next couple pages in my Bible are filled with red ink. I think Luke might be setting us up. He’s been building his case for who Jesus is, now we’re about to hear more of what Jesus has to say. So am I going to read Jesus’ words thinking “Oh yeah, I’ve read this before,” or am I going to read his words thinking, “This guy clearly is something incredible, so I should pay close attention to what he has to say” — ?


~ by bradherndon on March 9, 2010.

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