when Jesus picks a fight

Fellowship started up an online reading of the Bible back in January, affectionately called Fellowship Journal. as a church, we’re reading through scripture together and inviting people to share their thoughts and prayers as they do so. so since my posting has been a little scarce as of late,  i’ll start posting some of these passages and my own reflections on them.

Luke 4:14-44

Drama!!! Conflict!! What caused people to marvel at Jesus one moment, and then be filled with wrath at him the next? These people in Jesus’ hometown are fine with him as long as he remained that “little boy of Joseph who grew up so well.” (I wonder if a few of the older women in the synagogue pinched his cheeks whenever Jesus came back home!) They loved their hometown boy but weren’t really listening to what he was saying. Jesus knows this, so he goes on the offensive and says, “I’m not Joseph’s son. I’m God’s son! And all of you are like those who killed off the prophets!” Jesus was picking a fight! He knew that since the people of Nazareth were still looking at him like Joseph’s son, they were missing the point of his message. When he claimed to be more, they got angry, they got offended. They said, “Who do you think you are?!”

Like those in the temple, I often nod my head at Jesus and say “Amen!” But I wonder how much I miss the fullness of his message because of my stubbornness or self-absorption. How often do I interpret his message only in terms that I’m comfortable with? There are times when Jesus might have to pick a fight with me in order to shake me up. God, I want the fullness of you and your message in my life. Help me break out of my comfort and familiarity for this to happen.


~ by bradherndon on March 8, 2010.

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