wherefore art thou brad?

lots of fun is being had during my two weeks on campus at bethel seminary. but everyday i’m reminded (by myself and others) that i’m not from around here:

–when the weather climbed into the upper 20s, most native minnesotans embraced the balmy temps by breaking out their tank tops, but i’m still bundled up like ralphie’s little brother from christmas story. yes, i did buy a big puffy coat specifically for this trip. no, i won’t be wearing it again until i come back next year.

–it’s really, really hard not to start talking with long o’s. “minnesoooo-duh.” it just happens. the best will be next week after re-entry into arkansas and the two accents start fighting each other. if you look at me strange when i’m talking to you, i’ll understand.

–i don’t care what you say, cars aren’t supposed to drive out onto frozen ice. people aren’t even supposed to walk out there! don’t you know that’s how george bailey went deaf in one ear? i hear myths about “lake towns” that are built 5 miles in on top frozen lakes, complete with housing, satellite tv, and parking lots. i don’t believe it, that’s just not right.

–apparently 22 inches of snow is not enough of a cause to cancel schools up here. little rock has had a total of 3 inches of snow over the past couple months and has already cancelled school 5 days. when minnesotans hear of a possible few inches of snow in the forecast, they see it as just a dusting. in little rock, it means you need to go buy lots of bread and milk.

–by the way, the seminary had an “olympics” one night, and i whooped up on all the northerners in the sledding distance competition. however, i lost the overall competition to a woman (but she was pregnant, so i don’t think she should count since she was sledding for two).

loving my time here, but missing my little rock crew. more stories from the north to come!


~ by bradherndon on February 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “wherefore art thou brad?”

  1. I just got done teaching Romeo & Juliet, so I just have to ask…Do you know that your blog title is actually asking, “Why are you Brad?” (as in, why is your name Brad?) not “Where are you, Brad?” I tried not to, but the teacher in me made me write this comment. My apologies.

  2. that’s funny! i should’ve known that. my english teachers would be so disappointed in me. but alas, i’ll keep the title to assure everyone that yes, i have no idea what i’m talking about most of the time. after all, “wisely and slow, they stumble that run fast.” (does that make up for it???)

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