we’re a little late for new years resolutions, but what about un-resolutions?

every year for 4 years i devoted 24 hours of my life spread over 20 monday evenings or so to watching kiefer sutherland save the world on 24. at the end of every season i always thought to myself, “was that really worth it? all that time, all that emotional tension, all that frustration during seasons with poorly developing plots or senselessly killing off endearing characters?” so last year allison and i booted 24 from our lives. and we’ve never thought twice about it.

it was an un-resolution: a resolution to take something out of my life so that i could use that time/energy/money in a better way. i have a hard time with resolutions because they usually involve starting something or adding something (read more, work out more, give more, spend more time with X). usually i fail at them because i haven’t created the space in my life for that something. that’s where un-resolutions come in.

so this year, especially as the spring tv season ramps up, i’ve vowed to cut my tv addictions by another series. no more biggest loser…… i’ve replaced it with 30 Rock (you probably thought i was going to say that i replaced it with prayer or something like that, didn’t you??!). i actually think the best un-resolutions don’t get replaced with anything—they just help us slow down and simplify our overdriven and overloaded lives. i’m sure there’s more things i can take out of my life, not just on tv, but in other areas of my life. what technology could i really do without? what monthly budget item isn’t necessary? what social media tool isn’t worth it anymore? what else can i take out of my life to help me experience more joy, focus and meaning?

what are some of your un-resolutions?


~ by bradherndon on January 15, 2010.

4 Responses to “un-resolutions”

  1. I am so totally glad that we replaced Biggest Loser with 30 Rock.

  2. i removed a man from my life. does that count as an un-resolution? :) i sure hope so, b/c i’m feeling pretty good about it. (i don’t watch 30 rock, but everybody i know who does, loves it.)

    be well, friend!

  3. 30 Rock. Great choice. I want to go to there right now.

  4. I decided to replace relational apathy with aggressive love. Chew on that :) My blog will help – look for “Who’s got your back” (is it OK to pimp my blog on your blog? edit if not)

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