december/christmas/2009…is over

december of 2009 was a whirlwind for me and the entire wagon wheel household. the usual chaos of christmas at church was bigger this year, and on top of that i was finishing out a crazy fall semester. so in november i said goodbye to my family until christmas morning. the past ten days since then haven’t exactly been quiet, but they have been good. here’s what’s been going on:

  • i spent a couple days with my daughter in the hospital. sure, hospitals are not where i ever want to be, but there are much worse things than being stuck in a room with my little girl. we shared some pretty amazing moments together during those long days and nights. i love her more than ever.
  • we came up to st. louis—where snow is more than a legend and car heaters get taken to a new level. i often would walk outside in the sub-zero windchills in short sleeves just so i could come back inside to be rewarded by the fire in the living room. of course, when i’m up in minnesota for a couple weeks next month, my “love” of cold temps may be much different.
  • i opened up gifts with lots and lots of extended family. christmas presents always make me think about how much i approach life with a sense of entitlement and expectation, not surprise and gratitude. i hope 2010 is the year of gratitude.
  • i ate junk. seriously, lots and lots of junk. my insides are one big chocolate peanut butter ball. time to put that jump rope that i got for christmas to use.
  • i went to church. i went to a service that i had no part in planning and was led by a team of people who worked hard ahead of time so that people like me could leave with certain thoughts about God lingering in our minds.
  • i saw sherlock holmes and played a round of virtual golf with the boys. all sorts of fun.
  • i spent many hours in a car with my wife on the interstate. i love talking to her.
  • i trimmed up my awkward hair myself and now look more awkward than ever. it’s like dead poets society meets good will hunting meets the seinfeld episode about no shower pressure. awkward. oh spirit of ethan hawke’s hairdo, how did you ever leave this dreadful place?

january, here we come.


~ by bradherndon on January 3, 2010.

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