30 for 30!

allison (my hottie) and i both just turned 30…on the same day in fact. (no, not really, that was a joke. but we are both newbies to the 30s). so we’re each compiling a list of 30 things we want to do in our 30th year. here’s her first 15. here’s mine:

  1. write a bad song
  2. go 10 days without spending any money
  3. keep a journal of any word i encounter that i don’t know the meaning of
  4. memorize a poem
  5. play organized/competitive volleyball regularly
  6. read a complete fictional book series
  7. go to seminary (i cheated on this one, but so did allison on her #2)
  8. start learning a foreign language (sort of cheated here too b/c of #7, but why not!?)
  9. learn my neighbors’ names
  10. get a trendy moleskine notepad and fill it from cover to cover
  11. for a week, only respond to emails/texts over phone or in-person
  12. less all-day golf. more early-morning tennis.
  13. blog once a week
  14. do the prayer of examen everyday for a month
  15. give up one thing i do daily for a month
  16. learn bass guitar (for real)
  17. ride LR public transportation
  18. win a game of settlers of cataan
  19. take Lucy on a daddy-daughter date to Imo’s in STL
  20. call a friend once a week for no reason in particular

that’s 20 which is 5 more than i promised. more to come!


~ by bradherndon on October 28, 2009.

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