skymall, you never cease to amaze me.

…and other airport/airplane reflections from our recent trip to mexico:

1. Cinnabon, you’re the devil. smelling up the place like that is soooooooo unfair.

2. wearing sanitary masks in the airport might be the healthy thing to do, but do you realize how weird you look? i mean, why not just dress up like the scary guys from Outbreak?

3. apparently working the Ben & Jerry counter at the airport across from the Cancun gate can make a person really cranky. i guess i understand that, but at least put up a sign or something. “i’m in a bad mood because you’re going to a beach and i’m not. now shoo.”

4. Memo to DFW: did you realize that there’s a major highway running directly through your airport? was there not enough room in the north texas desert for both of you?

5. if you are an airport with free wi-fi (eh hum, Little Rock), you and i are friends for life. if you’re name is Boingo, we will never, ever, ever be friends. 102729775d

6. Skymall, you never cease to amaze me. truck antlers?! genius!

7. i’m 6’4″. the female security guard who “wanded” me wasn’t even 4′ tall. i hope somebody got that on camera.

8. who thought it was a good idea to make a plane-full of americans fill out customs forms that were entirely in spanish? again, please tell me someone got that on camera.

9. when forced to choose between catching up on my seminary homework or reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Percy won. i mean, he’s a demi-god…that’s kinda theological, right?

10. in-flight movies? good idea. Deal or No Deal reruns with Suze Orman promos interspersed? bad idea. what’s a guy gotta do for some “Paul Blart Mall Cop”?

11. Suze Orman has really white teeth…really white teeth.


~ by bradherndon on October 21, 2009.

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