it’s easter, get off your keister.

a peek into easter festivities at the wagon wheel, which included Lucy’s first egg hunt and Gus reigning victorious in the annual Egg Nicking Contest, despite the fact that he’s three months old.

happy easter.


~ by bradherndon on April 11, 2009.

5 Responses to “it’s easter, get off your keister.”

  1. Begs the question for those of us who don’t know…what the heck is an egg nicking contest?!?

  2. great question.

    step 1: hard boil your eggs.
    step 2: dye your egg with pride and team logo.
    step 3: arrange the tourney bracket, including all competing eggs and their owners.
    step 4: two opponents face off. each holds his/her egg in one hand a few inches from the opponent’s egg. on the count of 3, knock the eggs into each other. the egg that does not crack (or get “nicked”) wins.
    atep 5: repeat until their is a tourney winner, which for us turned out to be Gus, (actually, uncle Michael competing on behalf of Gus).

    there you have it, egg nicking 101.

    btw, if you at this picture, you’ll see the nicking in action. aunt elizabeth (competing on behalf of Lucy with the pink egg) is utilizing what some of us call the “split finger fastball” technique, with the egg nestled deep in the pocket of the hand. i, on the other hand (the blue egg), am demonstrating the “eagle claw” technique, applying pressure from each angle on the waistline of the egg. lucy, however, has totally lost interest.

  3. Where did the video go?

  4. somethin’s up with vimeo (where it’s hosted). should be back later.

  5. I absolutely and positively CANNOT HANDLE the video!!! From Michael falsely impersonating the EB to GUS (the eggmaster) winning his FIRST contest, to Lucy, just being Lucy. This was the highpoint of my day!!!!! THANK YOU, BRAD AND ALLISON for carrying on the tradition of the knicking contest or is it nicking contest (???) that my Grandfather Weiland started well over 70++++ years ago in his own family with my dad! xoxoxo Love and miss you guys!

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