out of the silence

things have been a little quiet around bradherndon.wordpress.com. the worst is when i haven’t posted in a while and don’t know how to break the silence—there’s a self-induced expectation that the post would have to be so significant in order to make the long silence worthwhile…that’s a lot of pressure.

well, here it is. it may seem a bit vain, but i assure you, i spent no time on this. for years Todd-the-bass-player (aka, Todd-who-changes-his-email-address-way-too-often) has told me that i have a familiar face. well this morning, this picture showed up in my inbox…

thanks todd, i think. but i can’t believe you gave up time with your wife and kids to put this together…


~ by bradherndon on April 7, 2009.

4 Responses to “out of the silence”

  1. You want to know who else you look like? David from that new TV show, Kings. I watched it with Jeremy when we were in NYC, and I was like, HOLY COW! That looks just like Brad when he was like, 17!


  2. are you kidding? my wife actually helped me on it

  3. Ummmm, I believe you forgot Andy Bernard of “Here Comes Trebel”
    Striking resemblance in facial features to both Brad Herndon of “The Tru-Men”


  4. HA! I’m a little late on the comment action for this one but I just had to say that I pegged the two on the left back in the Kanakuk days. Everyone was calling you Prince William back then but I held firm to the whole Hugh Grant thing. Glad to know your mug is still reminiscent of those famous ones. But just to clarify, what part of you looks like a wolf? Or do I even want to know.

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