we have a lot to be grateful for in each other

sometimes i feel like churches receive the loudest criticism and the most discouraging resistance from other churches.

“let us consider how we may spur one another on…”

i’m grateful for the 3 churches within a few blocks of ours. i bet it’s not easy being a small-er church down the road from the mega-church with the fancy playground. (secret: it’s not easy being the big church up the road from the small one). we have a lot to learn from one another.

i’m grateful for the two churches (that i know of) being planted downtown. your faith and vision is a reminder to all of us to consider why we’re here and who we’re here for.

i’m grateful for the older denominational churches. you paved the way in our city and have offered hope to generations of people.

i hope that churches everywhere will be known for our gratitude for one another rather than what makes us uncomfortable with each other. when i hear comments like the one i heard earlier today (i did laugh, btw, before being discovered), i’m reminded we can easily get caught up in who’s the biggest, coolest, oldest, trendiest, reverent-est, richest, simplest, the most traditional, who has the hippest music, the biggest choir, the loudest organ, the longest sermons, the fattest bibles, the farthest missionaries or the most technology. i can only hope that churches around here continue to be unique from one another in how we pursue our diverse city with the compassionate love of God.

we have a lot to be grateful for in one another.


~ by bradherndon on February 22, 2009.

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