meet the Tosh

meet the Toshiba. aka, “the Tosh” (pronounced “thuh  toe-sh”).

few things have a place in my heart like this beloved laptop (well, one did). sure she’s old. a little beastly. loud. and slow as ever. but so what? she put allison through college, and most of this blog has been composed on her. in fact, she’s one of the things i got years ago in exchange for marrying allison. (also in this list is a ’96 honda accord and of course the lifelong, relentless love of a sweet, sweet woman.)

the Tosh may be on her last leg. she’s on her 3rd power adapter and the screen is fading slowly. she’s taken a beating through the years. what’s left of her gets spat upon daily by this cruel world. she sits in my meetings timidly amidst a gallery of anorexic macbooks whose owners stomp carelessly upon the self-esteem of older, wiser computers like herself. she’s heard it all…

“geez Herndon, you think your computer could share some table with the rest of us?”

(in reference to the sound she makes when accessing the hard drive): “i’m sorry, i can’ t hear you. brad’s computer seems to be stuck in first gear.”

“hey dude, i think 35 lb laptops are making a comeback. the newer ones actually come with a detachable cinder block.”

“i think the a/c just kicked in to offset the heat from Brad’s toshiba.”

yet, amidst all the bullying, she still stands proud. she knows she could sit on one of those hot-dogging, spoiled macbooks if she needed to. in fact, we might just put fatty Toshiba stickers across their dumb apple logos. that’ll show ’em.

here’s to you Toshiba. your day will come.


~ by bradherndon on February 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “meet the Tosh”

  1. Seems to me that all the things that were part of Allison’s dowry are still working fine!

  2. Oh, Brad, Brad, you’re being glib…you don’t know the danger you’re in living on the PC dark side – walk toward the light, my friend, the bright shiny aluminum/titanium or white light of the Apple – take a bite – once you’re Mac you can never go back!

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