from the vault…

we intro’d a great new song in church yesterday. it reminded me of an unpublished post i wrote after sneaking out of a worship service last year. i thought i’d dig it up:

we’re in the middle of first service. bill is preaching. we just finished some songs and i came upstairs to lay down ’cause i feel like total junk and needed a rest. this is one of our more rock-out days in the edge (but we still found some room for a mandolin…). as we were leading, i was thinking about how what we do every Sunday morning comes down to two things: what happens on the stage, and what happens off.

i spend most of every week planning for what happens on stage. in fact, i’d venture to say that most people come to church for what happens on stage — the music, the sermon, the announcements, all that. but what i and probably most everyone need to be reminded of is that what matters most in these services is what happens off stage, especially in the music.  everything we plan for, all the microphones, the big screens,  the instruments, sharon and deahl pounding the drums, ron’s slick vocals — the point of all of that is to not be the point, but instead to inspire and call people into the songs we’re singing. i heard a fellow worship pastor once talk about how we often forget that the most important instrument in our bands is the least accounted for — the voices of the people in the church. that doesn’t mean we turn down the band.  but it does mean we leave space for the most important instrument so that we each can turn up our song. if we don’t sing it, the rocks will.

“let’s join in with the sound, come on let’s sing it out, as the music of the universe plays.”

what song are you joining in on?


~ by bradherndon on February 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “from the vault…”

  1. You get it. That’s just one of the things I like about you. Isn’t it great getting to work with so many guys who do!

  2. Yeah man. right on. Makes me want to turn down the mains and just let the people sing. I dig your posts man. good stuff, clark. oh… one thing… people don’t come to church to hear announcements.

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