and start now. now. start. just start. please start.

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back in my college composition classes, my profs were always getting on me for my transitions. in writing, transitions between paragraphs were the key to keeping ideas connected, keeping the reader engaged, and building to a larger point.

the same is true in a worship service (how’s that for a transition!). transitions can take a bunch of good songs and help them build on one another toward a great song set. you’ve probably felt the awkward tension of a bad transition — silence, capo changing, re-tuning, babbling — it’s like being in a nice hot shower and getting a bucket of cold water dumped on you.

this is one transition that Ron orchestrated a couple months back that was pure money. it’s the transition between two songs by one of our favorite new songwriters – Brooke Fraser — the end of “Lead Me To The Cross” going into “Hosanna.” a good transition connects two songs. a great one builds them to a larger point — musically, thematically, worshipfully…

here is another smooth transition, it’s the same “Hosanna” song, but this time coming out of “Praise the Name of Jesus.”

of course, i’ll spare you the awful transitions which we have from time to time as well, but feel free to share your transition mishap!


~ by bradherndon on January 7, 2009.

3 Responses to “and start now. now. start. just start. please start.”

  1. I have a “put-two-songs-together-and-do-a-cool-transitional-thing” for you to hear. i think i can put the link right here…

    [audio src="" /]

    it’s the song “Father of Lights” (vineyard) into “Blessed Be Your Name”

    it’s my father-in-laws band… we were playing at this Christian Biker Coffee Shop. (Awesome i know!)

    it’s kinda long (10 minutes) so, listen on your lunch break… but its a good listen…

  2. i was almost certain you guys were gonna go into “with or without you” in the midst of that…how did you not??

  3. we showed musical discretion. we wanted to go there, but did not.

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