bring on january 2nd.

it’s new years day, and in honor of that and the fact that i haven’t posted in almost 2 weeks, i’m going to let you in on how i rang in 2009 today.

-i didn’t go to work. i slept in, ate orange flavored cinnamon rolls, and wore swoosh pants all day.
-i thought about calling bj to sign up for his “get your butt in shape class.” maybe i’ll tackle that on january 2. maybe.
-cleaned out the garage. new year’s resolution #1, check.
-went on a walk with two girls who didn’t see a whole lot of me last month.
-opened up a xmas gift — the long-awaited complete series of “ed” on DVD. the chinese lettering on the package, plus the VHS plastic casing stuffed with homemade DVDs, unedited commercials … yeah,  not quite what i was expecting … this must be only for the serious fan …
-conquered 4 levels of N64’s goldeneye, which i hadn’t done in 11 years (i’m pretty rusty with a silenced pp7). really, who needs a wii? tomorrow, it’s oldschool mariokart forwards and backwards.
-sat here wondering why my 17 month old daughter is wide awake laughing at herself in her crib at midnight.

that’s me. you?


~ by bradherndon on January 1, 2009.

11 Responses to “bring on january 2nd.”

  1. i am so envious of you… You got Ed!!!

  2. we may have to come crash your house and watch the whole series. We will even bring our own food, so your wife doesn’t have to cook soup and cake and cookies for us…

  3. which were really good by the way…

  4. yes, i don’t have much to do right now…

  5. maybe you and i can have some 10 dollar bets like ed and mike…

    “hey rik.”
    “yeah brad?”
    “ten bucks if you run up during bruce’s first song and moon walk across the front of the stage.”
    “gladly brad.”

  6. i think we should focus on things that won’t get us fired…

  7. like you have to have a conversation with Mike High and use the words kung-pow six times…

  8. oh, i know that the threshold for what gets you fired is way beyond that…don’t ask me how i know…but i do.

  9. I love this Idea it is entertaining for the wives to watch!!I would set aside 10 bucks a paycheck for that. :) And she was laughing at herself in the middle of the night? Thats adorable!

  10. ok then, we will say it has to be things that we can do… cuz i can’t moonwalk. or maybe thats what would be funny.

  11. so i guess i owe you $10. no addressing darrell as mommy.

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