when God enters our winter

there are a lot of things we do each december. we shop. we hurry. we travel. we wrap. we decorate. we plan. we stress. we cook. we gather. we argue. somewhere in all that, we try to celebrate.

this year, wait. wait in eager anticipation for the only One that can deliver what we wish each christmas season would: a peace that reigns, a joy that lasts, and a hope that is true.

follow the links below to a small card that will help you experience an old tradition that is still full of beauty and meaning: advent, a four week period leading up to christmas. throughout this advent season, i’ll be posting some reflections from my own advent journey as well. i’d love to hear what God is doing in your time of waiting too.

Advent Card (FRONT)
Advent Card (BACK)

also, here are some advent resources/books/music i recommend:

(book) Watch For the Light – Readings for Advent and Christmas
(music) Behold the Lamb (The True Tall Tale of the Coming of Christ) – Andrew Peterson
(action) advent conspiracy – Christmas can still change the world.
(web) daily advent readings and blog
(web) more advent (this post’s title was dug up from the recesses of this great site)

this Christmas, be surprised by the peace, joy and hope you find.


~ by bradherndon on December 1, 2008.

One Response to “when God enters our winter”

  1. […] the point of advent i haven’t lived up to my promise to be posting more in this advent season. truth be told, most of my energy and focus has been directed at a large white board that […]

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