thanks for reading

one of the things that will always get in the way of this blog taking over the world (which has always been its real goal, mind you — preceded by a book deal, ample jealousy from envious readers, and being asked onto the ticket of a major political party), is that it is has no focus. for example, the last 5 posts have been a mess of unrelated topics spanning fatherhood, soft rock, faith/politics, creativity, and what to do if your front bumper gets torn off by oncoming traffic. any marketing-type person or english teacher will tell you that defining your message is the key to effectiveness — something that i have mostly failed to do. and yet, i continue to click that “publish” button every couple days.

it’s a terrifying thing, clicking “publish,” that is. a nerve-wracking assumption behind every post i make is that it’s interesting enough for you to read — i’ll be the first to admit that that could be a woefully mistaken assumption. but whether it’s right or not, it keeps me writing. a second assumption for each post is that in some non-specific way, it relates to me. you certainly don’t come here to dig up corporate management advice, or celebrity gossip, or low-fat cooking recipes. this blog will not help you build a better you. no, you come here either because you googled “hungarian water polo” (amazingly still the biggest pull for this little blog), or because you know and/or are curious about “brad herndon” (pardon me for the extremely self-indulgent tone of the last sentence).

the reason i’m writing this is because i’ve spent some time evaluating things here lately. sometimes i wonder if this vast and cluttered blog is a disservice to an already-cluttered blogosphere. i’ve wondered if it needs refining, direction and focus. but then i see that quote in the header of this page: “all of life is a parable by which God speaks…” — “all of life,” it says. so that’s what you get here — all of it.

my hope is that somewhere in this mess of words and stories, God will speak to you the way He has to me.

thanks for reading.


~ by bradherndon on November 17, 2008.

3 Responses to “thanks for reading”

  1. i for one apreciate the all-encompassing nature of the brad herndon blog. And your right- it is bad for “branding”… unless your brand is “brad herndon.” But as a personal fan of brad herndon, it works

  2. Brad, keep writing. As your life changes, your writing will follow.

  3. this from the guy who taught me in my junior high years how to vandalize houses with toilet paper…

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