never break up with a girl over pancakes

there’s something about pancake joints and their background music.

when allison and i broke up in college, the scene was a booth at the Country Kitchen, a cheap restaurant in town that stayed opened all night. it was a perfect place for college students who were trying to either study or break the hearts of their girlfriends. my efforts that evening to put words to a mess of conflicting emotions weren’t going well, and it grew even more difficult because of an endless soundtrack of 80s break-up tunes playing in the background. Richard Marx, REO, Phil Collins… they all seemed against me that night as they sung about their loss of love. the only thing more fitting would have been if Delilah had come over the speakers to dedicate us a special song in our time of difficulty. despite the agony of our conversation, i remember having a hard time at one point keeping a straight face because of the words Peter Cetera started to serenade us with. “if you see me walking by, and the tears are in my eyes, look away, baby look away.” i couldn’t help but crack a smile, which i don’t think allison enjoyed very much.

when allison and i eventually celebrated our first wedding anniversary a few years back (the breakup obviously didn’t last), we scrapped our big plans to celebrate at a fancy restaurant. instead, we landed at IHOP, a small step up from the old Country Kitchen. we’ve returned there every nov 13th to celebrate, including tonight for our 4th anniversary. if the french toast left us unsatisfied (which it did), the background music certainly didn’t. it was again like someone knew why we were in that booth and had hand-picked some of the sappiest, most fitting throw-back songs to help us celebrate our wedded bliss. this time we got a kick out of it. we even sung along a couple times. (no shame). check out these winners of love that we were accompanied by tonight:

(I Can’t Live if Living is) Without You – Air Supply
Please Forgive Me (If I Can’t Stop Loving You) – Bryan Adams
If You Don’t Know Me By Now – Simply Red
Oh Girl (I’d Be In Trouble if You Left Me Now) – Paul Young
How Do I Live (Without You) – Trisha Yearwood

we left a comment card for IHOP to put in a dance floor and disco ball. we’d be all over that.


~ by bradherndon on November 14, 2008.

One Response to “never break up with a girl over pancakes”

  1. kyle and i officially “defined” our relationship at that IHOP near your house. when we were there, celine dion was singing, “i’m your lady…and you are my man.”
    i freaked kyle out by saying that should be our song!
    good times with pancakes.

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