throw another saltine my way

i’ve spent all day wondering why i was so eager as a kid to get sick. i loved hearing my mom make that call to the school secretary — “brad herndon will not be in school today. he’ll be home sipping 7 Up and watching daytime television.” i don’t remember the “being sick” part of being sick. i just remember feeling a little bit like ferris bueller sticking it to principal rooney.

but this morning when i asked allison to call the church to tell them i needed to stay home, there was a feeling of defeat. all i could do was lay in the bed and moan (i know, i’m the pathetic patient every spouse wants to take care of). bottom line, somewhere in the past decade or two, this getting-sick-thing really ceased to be fun. here’s what i’ve learned today.

-i miss bob barker.
-apparently my stomach can’t handle what it used to (such as papa john’s bread sticks and garlic butter).
-oprah’s modern mother makeovers (or whatever) are pretty tight. you gotta be impressed with some of those. no shame.
-dr. gregory house is one phenomenally complex tv character.
-my wife is an incredible mother. really, she is. i loved getting to hear her with our little girl all day long.

so that’s what i’ve been doing today. what about you?


~ by bradherndon on October 27, 2008.

3 Responses to “throw another saltine my way”

  1. Blood & guts all day long dude. I figured it would be nice just to switch jobs for a day and go be a Worship Leader, while at the same time working with a bunch of Jesus people. Maybe one day?

  2. Deahl – i’m in. do i get my own set of scrubs?

  3. You Have An Awesome Blog Keep Up The Good Work ..Cheers :)

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