(*insert name here) herndon

two of my nephews wanted to help us come up with a name for their next new cousin. so tonight at dinner, they came up with their favorite three, which i thought i’d share. (they wanted us to be sure we knew that these are first names and middle names):

1. commander cody herndon
2. neville longbottom herndon
2. cletus harry herndon

obviously, some real winners here. guess you’ll have to wait until january to hear the result…

any votes?


~ by bradherndon on October 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “(*insert name here) herndon”

  1. Harry Bottoms Herndon – has a ring to it…

  2. The Texas nephews & neice think you should name him after their Webkins. That’d be Zeek, Zachary, or Pet (a puppy, leopard, and pink & white fluffy non-descript kinda animal – too much fluff to really tell – respectively.

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