“oh no Pam, it’s just the osso buco needs to braise for about 3 hours”

if you’re like me, the most dreaded part of the church service is when the guy up front makes you turn around and say hi to the people sitting next to you. so awkward. i have to confess, i usually just turn to my wife and introduce myself, just to keep from an awkwardly-forced conversation with a stranger. (i’ve got issues). the funny thing is, i’m in a position to eliminate that from our services, and yet, we still do it every week.

when the Edge began at Fellowship (as one of 3 onsite worship venues), it had something extremely worthwhile and attractive going for it — it was small. knowing one another felt natural.

but things grow. so now the casual, laid-back atmosphere that has always been a part of the Edge has been infiltrated by a whole bunch of people, which is exactly what we prayed would happen. what that means is that we have to work and pray harder to make sure the Edge is still a place to be known. we believe that knowing one another is a lost art — one that dates back to the very beginnings of the church (acts 2). problem is, getting to know one another is totally uncomfortable, risky, awkward, time-consuming. . .and crucial to us really being the church. we often say in the Edge that the depth of our worship on sunday mornings has a lot to do with the depth of our relationships with the people we’re worshiping with. so whether it’s a short moment to shake hands, pancake breakfasts, interview segments, dinners for 8/7/9/whatever, we hope that you will never have a shortage of opportunities to get to know that person sitting 3 seats down from you, so here’s one of them.

if you didn’t sign up, hurry up and let us know! ’cause this sunday, there are some complete strangers getting together somewhere near you!


~ by bradherndon on October 5, 2008.

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