some people send cards…

(or listen here)

so yeah, guess who fell for it…hook, line, aaaaaaaannnnnnd sinker.

(my apologies to the confused lady answering the phones at the radio station. it was all eric’s fault). by the way, eric lives in minnesota. well played, eric. well played indeed.


~ by bradherndon on September 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “some people send cards…”

  1. I clicked on that link and saw more bare bottoms than I’d care to see in a lifetime, especially while I’m at work. LET’S KEEP IT G-RATED, DAWG!

  2. what are you talking about? which link?

  3. Anything for you big boy on your B-day!! I am glad I could bring an unforgettable birthday to you from hundreds of miles away.

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