making the edge…edgier

people keep asking me what’s next for the Edge on sunday mornings. i try to put words to the vision we see, but, well…why try and use words when i could just show you this video? it makes it so clear.

(much thanks to carlos for finding this and stretching my imagination of what’s possible in churches these days. when did eric estrada become a worship leader?)


~ by bradherndon on September 10, 2008.

5 Responses to “making the edge…edgier”

  1. Wow, I bet he’s been turning his cheek a lot after that video posted. The guitarist is Matt Kelly though, right? Those glasses didn’t fool me.

  2. Go to Carlos’ blog and see the real future for the Edge – work on your moves, big boy.

  3. i did, but i couldn’t bear to post that one. it’s so painful–all the way up to the synchronized bow. crazy thing is that that’s from 2007…

  4. I used to have that shirt! I wonder if he has on platforms?

  5. Thanks for the visual of the future edge. I’m beginning to “catch” the vision now! but, I don’t think I have a blue dress like that. Guess I;ll have to go shopping!

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