“yo dog, get off the leash!”

this past sunday was vision morning at fellowship. most fellowship-ites will tell you that we have no shortage of vision-oriented mornings (“vision leaks” as some leaders say), but none is more expected than this morning of every year. typically, the message is overrun by talk of all the “stuff” our church is doing. it’s a “state of the church” of sorts—programs, staffing, objectives, financial updates, etc. very exciting (cough). however, it’s obvious that Tim Lundy (directional leader) felt no need to go there this year. the result was one of the most compelling vision messages i’ve heard in my four years at fellowship bible church.

here’s what made this year’s vision morning stand out:

-Tim confessed a course correction upfront. for over a year the church leadership was pushing a mission statement that wasn’t catching. so rather than continue on as many churches or organizations might do, they stepped back and admitted “this isn’t working.” as Tim said, “vision should pull you forward,” not the other way around. that type of humility in leadership opened people’s ears again.

-the new vision calls us forward while taking us back to the essentials. it’s made up of memorable, familiar phrases, and incorporates where we’ve been as a church with where we want to go.

-it combines the vision of the church with the vision of the individual. said TL, “the two greatest days of your life: the day you are born, and the day you find out why you were born.” church staff don’t do the ministry—our ministry is to help others find their ministry and do it.

-there was already a buzz before the day that changed people’s expectations. (Tim had been explaining/testing the new vision to staff and leaders weeks ahead of time).

-it was fearless. Tim called our church out for giving in to a spirit of consumerism and criticism, as well as staying leashed to fear and comfort.

-the vision is big — change-the-world-big.

-Tim actually got away with saying “yo dog, get off the leash!” –– i was floored. needless to say, there was an honest and energetic recklessness to Tim’s exhortation on sunday morning. he actually believes in this vision.

-i got a bookmark, and i may actually use it.


~ by bradherndon on August 25, 2008.

One Response to ““yo dog, get off the leash!””

  1. read this quote by Erwin McManus: ““I think the role of pastors at this time in history is to be a curator of human talent. They need to learn how to cultivate, how to identify, how to nurture, how to develop and unleash the God-given potential in every person.”


    also, saw this post – “don’t tell me your church’s core values”


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