when colors collide (break my heart for what breaks yours #2)

zach does more with mouse clicks and keyboards than most of us could ever do in a lifetime. he’s the kind of guy that creates in the language of colors and weaves them together in beautiful ways. he’s a designer on our worship team, and if you’ve ever been to one of fellowship’s services, you’ve seen his work on the big screens, in your hands, in the lobby, all around you. like some artists, he’s humble (incredibly humble), but unlike many artists, he holds his work loosely, even freely for others to use.

there’s not many zachs around. and imho, the Church needs more people like zach working for its cause. i hope for the day when we lift the cages from the creativity of people like zach.

a couple weeks ago zach set his mouse aside and took 10 days of vacation time to go to cambodia with his fiancee. he’s returned with a new set of eyes and a broken, conflicted heart. you should see some of his pictures and read his thoughts.

welcome back zach.


~ by bradherndon on July 31, 2008.

3 Responses to “when colors collide (break my heart for what breaks yours #2)”

  1. Hey, thanks. Church needs more people like you too.

  2. this makes me happy to no end. I love the art you guys use, but i just always assumed it was expensive licensed stuff, since i never see anything that good for free. thanks for posting the link

  3. i just heard news from zach that he was kidnapped while in cambodia, and yet he has lived to tell about it. i mean, how many people do you know who were kidnapped by hostiles in another country? and this guy works 30 feet from me…that is so cool.

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