cartop carrier, here we come.

there’s one thing that you don’t mess with in the herndon world. it’s happened every year since i was 8, and it shows no signs of slowing down. every july, 4 generations of the herndon/berneking/engle clans converge upon a resort at the lake of the ozarks in central missouri. we simply call this week, “the lake.” or if you are younger than 5 and have trouble pronouncing certain letters, it’s called “the yake.” we actually divide our year by it. there’s before-the-lake and after-the-lake. allison knew when we got married that she wasn’t just marrying me, she was marrying the lake. for richer and for poorer, through sickness and in health, don’t mess with the lake. we talked about it at dinner tonight, actually we’ve talked about it for the past 3 weeks, counting the number of sleeps until we leave for the lake. tonight, there is just one sleep left (let’s just say, we’re gitty). this is bigger than christmas. it’s bigger than my birthday. it’s bigger than the last day of school ever was. the magnitude of this trip is like nothing you’ve ever known before.

we missed it last year because lucy was a week and a half from being born, but we almost still went. that’s how big this is. tomorrow marks the anniversary of some pretty significant memories. like when my brother greg put a hole in the window of our big brown van by playing javelin with a broom stick. or the many years i rode in the rear-facing third row of my cousins’ station wagon (yes, rear-facing, remember those?). and when my 4 yr old nephew got attacked by a swarm of bees and spent the week un-swelling.

and so tomorrow morning, the santa fe will pull out of the Pebble with everything short of a cartop carrier on our way north.

when’s the last time you were so excited you couldn’t sleep?


~ by bradherndon on July 18, 2008.

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