derbies of the home run variety

i’m watching josh hamilton absolutely smack the snot out of baseballs right now. some things (and people) are just not of this earth.

and his 71 year old boyhood coach is pitching to him (and keeping up after 28 home runs…and counting). that’s even cooler.

what do you hope to be able to do when you’re 71?


~ by bradherndon on July 14, 2008.

3 Responses to “derbies of the home run variety”

  1. This is a great story but read about Josh Hamilton returning from his “old life” if you really want a story. And to answer the question, I hope to be travelling all over the world when I am 71.

  2. here’s the story:

  3. Corndoggy. The link to my page doesn’t work. Throw an http:// in front of the URL on your links page and it will. I PROMISE!

    How is Camdenton thus far?! I miss you guys. Haven’t been to my vacation home in WLR yet but I expect to fully utilize the DVD collection / laundry room / cable TV this evening :o)

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