what do you spend your words on?

today allison and i tried something. we each tried going 24 hours without saying anything negative. the reason was this convicting statement from tim’s sermon yesterday (which is about to be here. the exact quote was something like this — i didn’t have a pen to get it down exactly, but you’ll get the gist):

if you can’t go 24 hours without a cigarette, you’re addicted to nicotine.
if you can’t go 24 hours without a drink, you’re addicted to alcohol.
if you can’t go 24 hours without talking about people, you’re addicted to gossip.

replace “gossip” with any number of things that i spend words on during my day: being cynical. being critical. being negative. cracking jokes i don’t need to crack. bragging. eager to point out the bad in things. eager to talk about other people…

24 hours is tough. 24 hours is enough time to expose a lot of things. it’s not easy to watch your mouth for that long, it’s actually tiresome. but we both made it (it helps when you close your office door for most of the day).

give it a try, and see how often you find yourself about to say something that you wonder if really need to say. tell me i’m not alone here. (and then let’s change together).


~ by bradherndon on June 30, 2008.

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