go hear this movie!

movie theatre tickets are under the same spell as gasoline and grocery prices lately, which has forced allison and i to take advantage of our neighborhood video store (hence, why we just now found out about these movies). i’ve really been struck by a couple films lately in how profound of a role the soundtrack has played — like playing an actual character in the movie. both films had me on itunes immediately downloading the soundtracks (something you can’t do in the movie theatre). most notably, the movie “once.” i’ll spare you my synopsis, but it’s an incredibly simple story about a couple europeans (“guy” and “girl”) who meet and make some remarkable music. (note for readers with small, impressionable children: they speak like europeans in this movie, which isn’t that different from how many americans speak, but it sounds better when you’re european for some reason). check out Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, or look up The Frames.

and to my surprise, “dan in real life” was a couple of bucks very well spent. it’s a very likable story supported by some really decent songs by a norwegian folk singer, Sondre Lerche. Steve Carell’s rendition of Sondre Lerche’s rendition of Pete Townshend’s “let my love open the door” is a great moment.

listened to any good movies lately?


~ by bradherndon on April 14, 2008.

3 Responses to “go hear this movie!”

  1. I’ve got to second the push for “Dan in Real Life” – very surprising wholesome movie with some great messages about parenthood, love and life. If it weren’t for Allison’s recommendation – I’d have left this bad boy on the shelf.

    Another great movie to “hear” is “August Rush“. Even though it’s very obvious the on-screen talent isn’t playing the music at times, the music is nevertheless very cool and quite unique.

  2. I like this movie and the music. But the only thing I can hear right now is Lucy NOT taking a nap. Wish you were here….love you!

  3. We rented “Once” a few weeks ago since we were looking for anything relating to Ireland. I bought the soundtrack and I’ll probably pick up The Frames on iTunes. Really cool stuff.

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