pimp my office

so in a few weeks our church is moving to a new campus. new location, new building, new dirt….AND, a new office for brad (who has still yet to decide on an official job title). i’ve been reminded recently that i get my inspiration largely from my workspace. to be honest, a square room with taupe walls and modular furniture just doesn’t quite stir up the creative juices. i’ve hired an outside consultant to help me think bigger (she knows me well and has some new cute bangs), but i’m soliciting as much help as i can get, which is where you come in. inspire me, help me think bigger!

here are the rules:
–i want the space to evoke an emotion. i like intimate, happy, contemplative spaces that encourage thinking and creativity. i’m a bit of a cave dweller in that i like to seclude myself in my space.
–no waterslides in the office. i have to be able to stay focused when i need to be.
–let’s just assume that the powers-that-be don’t exist and wouldn’t mind a can of paint…
–i need to have space for a computer, play music, listen to music, and i must have room for a framed pic of my girls. i also would like to have a sizable wipe board (or something like it) for planning and thinking.

think about lighting (no lava lamps please!), materials, textures, colors, a desk made out of (blank), things to attach to the big window, whatever! here’s a good article. what have you seen? what’s important to you in your workspace? what would inspire you? what would you do to your space if you could?

commence pimping.


~ by bradherndon on April 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “pimp my office”

  1. I would get this…


    it also shares its name with me (misspelled of course).

  2. I would also get this…


    I would put the desk underneath it.

  3. What stirs my creative juices is Nature – seeing the things that God does in our world stirs something deep within me like nothing else.

    Posters, pics, screen savers, waterfal – whatever to get the outside inside would do it for me.

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