30 minutes of Jesus

i opened the mailbox today to find a card from a church in town inviting us to their new 30 minute weekly worship service. 8 minutes of music, a 15 minute sermon, and 5 minutes of prayer.

(don’t tell them, but i only count 28 minutes).

while i’m obviously skeptical of so many parts of this, i partially love what they’re doing. they’re challenging what’s expected, which means they already have a captive audience before even opening the doors. (sticky factor #2)

the whole thing made me think about the services at our church (since crafting them is where i spend much of my time). we typically shoot for a 75 minute service. 75 minutes. 75 opportunities. 75 moments. here’s the question i keep pondering now as we plan our services:

how are we making the most of each of those minutes every week?


~ by bradherndon on March 18, 2008.

One Response to “30 minutes of Jesus”

  1. Great question – optimization of one’s life minute by minute is quite difficult without a sense of how limited our control of future minutes exists. Even then, that kind of attention can be quite draining – could there be some sort of opposition at play that makes it so hard?

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