the deity of desmond

it’s easter week here in the pebble (and everywhere else, obviously). in preparation, i went to the bookstore today to check out the wide assortment of Jesus movies available. anyone who has ever sat through the life of Jesus via film knows that sometimes the retelling of the greatest story (ever told) has at times fallen short on the big screen. nevertheless, i was looking for a vivid portrayal of a particular scene in Jesus’ life, and i was considering letting a movie do that for this sunday’s service.

while perusing the many Jesus movies out there, i found myself strangely (almost magnetically??) drawn to one version in particular. like the others, this one featured a Jesus who was appropriately bearded, rugged yet compassionate in appearance, and not too overly attractive (some of the Jesus’ out there look like soap opera actors with their whitened teeth). however, upon a closer look, i noticed that the actor behind this Jesus was none other than Henry Ian Cusick, or Desmond from LOST! at the wagon wheezy, there are one or two fans of LOST who struggle as it is with desmond-worship (eh hum), so this won’t help. desmond has a few Jesus-themes present in his life — his selfless love for people, his knack for speaking powerful words of wisdom to those he encounters, he was a monk-turned-sailor (Jesus wasn’t either, but He loved the scriptures and had a thing for boats), his obedience to the task before him, his ability to see the future, his ability to transcend time…hmmm.

i haven’t yet watched this Jesus-movie (The Gospel of John), partly because i don’t know if i’ll ever be able to look at desmond (or Jesus?) the same…


~ by bradherndon on March 17, 2008.

One Response to “the deity of desmond”

  1. Be sure and watch it, Brad, you won’t be disappointed.
    It is a magnificent production!
    Mr. Cusick gives a phenomenal performance of a Jesus who is filled with joy, compassion, and an understanding of his role here on Earth.

    Certainly not to be missed!


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