this is what they pay me the big bucks for

this is the time of year when us employees of fellowship bible church revise our job descriptions (in fellowship-lingo, that would be our “position focus sheets”). i think most people wonder what i do all week anyway (“i mean, really, how hard is it to pick out some songs, brad?!”).

any job description starts with a good job title. in fact, i’ve changed mine every year. so, since i’m revising my PFS and need a little help, if you could create ANY new job title for yourself (your boss need not approve of it) — what would it be?

i need some inspiration…


~ by bradherndon on March 5, 2008.

3 Responses to “this is what they pay me the big bucks for”

  1. i used to want to be a “ball bouncer” in the circus.

    now, i would say full-time life funnanalyst.

  2. Worship-a-patomous

  3. Coordinator of congregational musical responsivness

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