awwwww…freak out!

2 days ago i was wearing shorts, basking in 70 degree sunshine, holding a 9 iron. today it rained up to my knees. now it’s 30 degrees with snow in the forecast. i don’t mind snow, as long as it’s real snow. you know, white and fluffy, the kind that actually covers the top of grass. we don’t get real snow here in the pebble. our snow is cold rain, the yucky kind that your car’s windshield wipers are useless against. when snow is in the forecast here, it doesn’t amount to much other than giving news stations an excuse to film people buying large quantities of bread and milk. i heard one guy say that “snow is just an excuse for people in the south to freak out.” as someone from the north, i had to laugh.

when i was a kid, there was nothing like waking up early and running to the window to find the streets covered in a white blanket of snow. immediately my brothers and i would run to the radio and wait through the list of school closings. our school started with a ‘p’ so we had to wait through what seemed like an endless list of “our lady’s,” and “our mother’s” (in st. louis there’s no shortage of catholic schools). when we finally heard our school on the list, we were in such a state of excitement and disbelief that we would wait through the entire list again, just to make sure it wasn’t a mistake. and then, even though there was no chance of falling back asleep, i’d crawl back into bed, just because i could.

i love it when it snows enough to suspend life. no matter what you have pressing your schedule that day — meetings, deadlines, video rentals that have to go back — there’s a freedom i feel when i’m stuck in my house. i don’t expect tonight’s “snowfall” to be more than a dusting (if that), but…

what would you do with a day stuck in your home because of snow?


~ by bradherndon on March 3, 2008.

6 Responses to “awwwww…freak out!”

  1. I’m living it right now…and loving it! STL is getting up to 6″ or more today. Alas, I’m going to grade papers, but I also get to catch up on my novel.
    I just found your blog. Fun to see pics of Al and Lucy. Sounds like you are all doing well.

  2. look at her, she’s just adorable. I too am stuck at home in the snow. I must admit, I started the day with a quick run to the store before it got to bad, to get some essentials. But I don’t plan on going out again, and I’m thrilled. it’s beautiful here. maybe I’ll e-mail Al a pic of what it looks like here.

  3. the only thing better than gettin’ a snow day as a kid? gettin’ a snow day as an adult.

  4. (this just in) – tomorrow’s forecast here in LR-AR: 60 degrees.

  5. Yay for snow in St. Louis! I went into work for a little bit this morning which was a mistake…but I’m home now. I’ll summarize the day with my lunch: grilled cheese and tomato soup:)

  6. hmmm….is it bad that i’m burned out on the thought of snow days? here in chi-town we’ve had so many snows of 12+ inches and missed so much school that i’ll be teaching until june 10th. gross!! i’ll have to admit, it’s WONDERFUL for the day, but the aftermath is no fun. HOWEVER, if i had lucy with with me, i’d stay teach all summer to have some days at home with her now. i heart lucy herndon!!!!

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