puttin’ the pebble on the map of breaded goodness

when allison and i moved to the pebble, one of the ways we described the city to our bigger-city-friends was, “it’s got one of everything you need.” so, one target, one home depot, one best buy, one barnes and noble, seven sonics, that sort of thing. however, in our 4 year existence here, we’ve frequently grieved the absence of one of the most important establishments for our survival – – – a panera, (or for the stl natives, st. louis bread co). well last month, the good folks at panera intrnl announced that it would soon be gracing the pebble with, (get this!) not 1 of its bakery/cafes, but 4, count them, 4! Meaning 4 times the sweet bread bowls, 4 times the low-lit booths (perfect for a weekly morning visit), 4 times the cream of chicken and wild rice goodness, and 4 times the goofishly chubby straws that allow you to drink a icy mocha in two or three sips. now, two years ago i got my hopes up when san francisco bread co made an entry into the little rock market, only to disappoint me with always running out of food and never being able to keep it’s wireless connection up. and i still feel an allegiance to some of the pebble’s small coffee shops who i’ve been loyal to for these years. but when it comes to satisfying my craving for a sierra turkey on fococcia, there’s only one that has earned my love and affection. so panera, this panera-ite is ready.

if you could have any establishment move within a few blocks of your home, what would you choose?


~ by bradherndon on February 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “puttin’ the pebble on the map of breaded goodness”

  1. We are lacking a Steak ‘N Shake, which I do miss terribly. I always love their french fries.

    Honestly, I just wish I could ride my bike everywhere rather than own a car, so I guess I’d really want a cafe, a library, a post office and a mom ‘n pop grocery store close by.

  2. I second the move for Steak ‘N Shake: Double Steak Burger Double Cheddar Fries please with a side of cheese! Yessssssssir!

    And hooray for Panera! Its about pickin’ time.

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