a super day?

super tuesday is 17 minutes away…

my wife has so impressed me these past few weeks. she’s gotten really into this, with no real history or interest in gov’t or politics. but lately she’s been researching candidates out the wazoo and really wrestling with who she believes is most deserving of her vote—i think that’s cool, and i’ve caught wind of that. it’s forced me to really care, which is something that i think more people are starting to do. i wouldn’t be surprised if allison were laying awake in bed right now still wrestling through this.

i’ll be honest, at this point i don’t know what’s most important to me in a candidate. call me politically conflicted.

so, (not that i’ve publicized this blog to anyone other than people i see every christmas), but i will pose my first question for response…

if you could vote for anyone in the world who isn’t an actual candidate (and never would be), who would it be? alright you three, go for it.


~ by bradherndon on February 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “a super day?”

  1. I think if I could vote for anyone, it might be one of the following:
    1. Desmond from “Lost”
    2. Willie (my dog)
    I am still not happy with my vote today, though I am pleased that I did go and vote with Brad and Lucy. Lucy got her first “I voted” sticker.

  2. I voted for McCain, and (for the record) am very discouraged and disappointed at all the vitriol being directed at him by the conservative establishment. It’s one thing to disagree with a certain strand in your party, but another thing entirely to roast another candidate and then pledge to never vote for him, no way no how (as James Dobson apparently has pledged.)

    Anyway, as that’s not an answer to your question…

    I remember seeing an interview with Colin Powell at the WCA leadership conference last summer and being impressed enough to think “If he ran for President, I’d vote for him.” Ironically, the very reasons I would vote for him are (apparently) the very reasons he’s not running. He’s a man of honor and integrity, and (I have heard) feels like he blew his integrity and corrupted his honor by defending the Iraq War. Nobody will ever forget his involvement in the runnup to war, and it would cripple his chances at the nomination and probably still cripples his conscience. But I’d still vote for him.

  3. interesting that matt describes himself as my “older, more mature brother.” is that opposed to my older, less mature brother? (if so, i might take offense to that if i was greg…)

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